German Development Bank (KfW) Assess NaCSA Capacity

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In preparation for Phase III of the implementation of the programme for the promotion of Pro-Poor Growth for Peace Consolidation (GPC III) in Sierra Leone, the German Development Bank (KfW) has conducted a study to evaluate NaCSA’s current capacities as a project-executing agency and to make concrete recommendations on how to improve the status quo.

a consultant from Volvendo Consulting firm in Germany was in the country to assess the current and future GPC implementation costs

Dr. Verena Pfeiffer, a consultant from Volvendo Consulting firm in Germany was in the country to assess the current and future GPC implementation costs, make a proposal on adequate KfW contributions to project management costs and to further recommend an accompanying measure that will help strengthen NaCSA’s ability to implement programmes in an effective and efficient way.

My tasks in NaCSA - Sierra Leone, Dr. Verena Pfeiffer explained is a follow-up on the agreement reached between NaCSA and the KfW Programme Appraisal Mission that took place between 27 November and 2 December 2016 as an international expert that will complement the appraisal in assessing NaCSA’s capacities in more detail. Another task she maintained is to re-evaluating the design and size of the management for the third phase of the GPC programme, assess NaCSA’s institutional context and regulatory framework, organizational and personnel capacity, economic and financial capacity.

During her routine monitoring visits at the various payment points, Deputy Commissioner of NaCSA, Mrs Haja Isatu Kamara informed the beneficiaries in the various districts that Government is keen on improving the welfare of the citizenry especially during this period of the Ebola outbreak in the country. She empathised with the people for coping the challenges brought about as a result of the Ebola scourge and encouraged them to be steadfast, noting that NaCSA will continue to solicit the necessary support from Government and its development partners to help the extremely poor move away from the poverty threshold. She told the cash recipients that the third quarter payment was the last of several payments already made under the RE – SSN Project while encouraging them to judiciously utilize the money for the best interest of the households.

Welcoming the consultant on behalf of NaCSA, Commissioner Alie Mansaray gave a brief overview of the commission’s mandate and its significance after the civil war in the country and to date the impact of the commission’s programmes in the Sierra Leone. Commissioner Mansaray underscored the effect of the Ebola outbreak in the country and the commission’s operations. He expressed thanks and appreciation to KfW for their support in promoting livelihoods through the value chain support programmes implemented by NaCSA.

The findings and recommendations of this assessment the commissioner said, will go a long way in not only enhancing the commission’s organizational and financial capacity but will also suggest a way forward for the commission’s sustainability plan after 2018.

The consultant also meet with NaCSA’s management and staff, discussed with representatives of other donor organisations to see how they perceive NaCSA’s current capacities including World Bank, UNHCR, and IDB among others.