Performance Contracting

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As part of growing efforts to improve on the general service delivery of Government institutions, Heads of various Agencies and Commissions on Friday 28th August 2015 concluded a three day Performance Management Capacity Building workshop in Bo City.

NaCSA Commissioner to provide leadership for the Social Services Sector

Organized by the office of the Chief of Staff, the objective is to improve the overall performance of Government functionaries especially in the effective implementation of the Agenda for Prosperity.

Director of Performance Management Contracting and Lead facilitator of the workshop, Abdul Rahman Sowa told participants that the training will help address the gaps identified in the 2014 performance report analysis. He stated that “the Government is more than ever determined to effectively and efficiently improve its productivity and service delivery so that citizens will get maximum benefit and value for money”. He also noted that putting in place an Effective Performance Management System will bring about timely, transparent, efficient and effective service delivery to the citizenry of Sierra Leone.

With improvement in strategic innovations and the use of appropriate technology, institutional heads and their Managers are now better placed to properly identify existing gaps and effectively overcome bottlenecks to ensure speedy accomplishment of functions in achieving deliverables and outcomes. The move is in line with Government’s aspirations to restore public trust, increase performance, produce tangible results and ensure that the work of public sector officials are neatly tied to the expectations of the public. The training also underscored the need for oversight improvement, supervision of functions and accountability and transparency especially in the use of donor funds.

Over 45 institutional heads committed themselves to ensuring corporate governance in addressing cross-cutting issues of intra and inter institutional collaboration, coordination while complementing each other’s efforts in achieving as a nation rather than as individuals. As an experience administrator and Head of one of the best performing institutions in the country, Commissioner of NaCSA, Alie Badara Mansaray was unanimously appointed as Chairman of the Social Services and Human Development Sector during the formation of a practical framework to help non-performing institutions maximize their performance. He is mandated to coordinate and provide oversight functions of sector members. The NaCSA Top Man is seen as a leader whose profile fits the criteria of a “charismatic, influential, trustworthy, intelligent, visionary, selfless, re-conciliatory, wise, diligent and participatory leader with a strong strength of character and integrity”.