Programme Overview

The Peace and Development Corp (PADCO) Programme is a programme established by NaCSA in 2004 to promote poverty alleviation and peace consolidation through National Volunteerism. It creates opportunities for young graduates to gain work experience, contribute to national development and build the capacity of development and none profit making institutions in Sierra Leone. The programme screens and engages graduates from tertiary institutions for placement in various agencies across the country.

PADCO manages the NaCSA Internship Programme which provides the opportunity for upper-level students from Tertiary Institutions to get practical work experience in their fields of study in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of diplomas and degrees which further enhances their career development. By playing this trajectory role, NaCSA is complimenting the work of academic institutions such as Njala University, FBC, IPAM, and MMCET in preparing students for professional achievement. Interns are recruited and posted to different departments within NaCSA in Freetown and the regions. Upon completion of two months work experience, they are given certificates.