Programme Overview

Consolidating the operations of National Refugee Legislation is a core activity with the enforcement of the cessation clauses for Liberian refugees, local integration, social services and shelter support were provided to refugees and hosting communities. A series of coordination networks have already been established, sensitization and consultations have been held with all stakeholders; these include, the host communities, ministries, district councils, Human Rights Institutions, UNIPSIL and donors in addressing the specific capacity needs of the target beneficiaries.

Major activities were focused on assisting the residual caseload of Liberian refugees to locally integrate into both urban and rural host communities in Sierra Leone as part of the preferred durable solution to their plights; and provision of physical and legal protection to both refugees and asylum seekers.

The Relief and Resettlement unit of the Commission focuses on providing protection and support to refugees and other victims of emergency situations within the country. Consistent with UNHCR principles, the specific objectives of the unit are geared towards providing refugees and disaster victims with basic needs and essential services; security from violence and exploitation; fair protection processes and documentation; and durable solutions. NaCSA continues to utilize the Refugee Status Determination (RSD) center established in Kissi Town for RSD interviews and other protection related activities such as medical support, asylum registration, etc.