Programme Overview

The Rapid Response Growth Poles Project, commonly known as the ‘Habope’ Project, came about as a result of the Bumbuna Hydro Electric Project which source of power is derived from the Seli/Rokel River and was the main source of livelihood for communities living along the river. The project is co-financed by the Government of Sierra Leone and the Japan Social Development Fund through the World Bank. The objectives of this project are to:
(i) reduce hunger and deprivation in the downstream communities along the Seli River, whose livelihoods were adversely affected by the unpredictable flow of water in the river caused by activities of the Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project; and
(ii) restore livelihoods, sustain services, and enhance local capacities through RRGP activities in these communities.

Five Chiefdoms in the two districts of Bombali and Tonkolili are the target operational areas of the Project: Safroko Limba and Paki Masabong Chiefdoms in Bombali district and Kalansogoia, Kafe Simira and Kholifa Rowalla chiefdoms in Tonkolili district. The Project has three components which are as follows: District Level Access/Transport, Community Driven Development (CDD) and Small Grant for At-Risk Households. As part of the strategy to provide emergency assistance and reduce hunger and deprivation, local unemployed youths are encouraged to participate in executing the labour intensive aspects of these sub-projects, such as clearing of foot trails and construction of boats, landing points and communication centres, and they are provided with cash for work and food for work for vulnerable households in the target communities are also provided with monthly food support.