Programme Overview

In an effort to uplift the livelihoods of the most vulnerable in Sierra Leone, social protection has been included as a pillar in the “Agenda for Prosperity” (PRSP III). Social protection includes policies and programmes designed to help individuals improve resilience against the impact of risks of loss of income and consumption capacity, and ensure equity through equal opportunities to services. NaCSA being a key government institution in the delivery of social services has played a leading role in the working group for the development of the Social Protection Pillar.

NaCSA held a one-day National Workshop on the 4th September 2012 at Miatta Conference Hall to validate the Social Protection Assessment Report by World Bank Consultant Jose Martin. The study was aimed at contributing to the operationalization of the Social Protection Policy that had been adopted in 2011 and to prepare the “Agenda for Prosperity”. The Workshop was attended by senior officials of MDAs (MoFED, MSWGCA, MAFFS, MLSS, NACOM), donor community (World Bank, UNICEF), NGOs and Civil Society. In addition, the Commission played a leading role in the development of the Strategy and Implementation plan for rolling out the social protection policy.