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Dr. Susan Amie Robert – Senior Director Programme Development & Quality Assurance

Susan Amie Robert is a development practitioner and researcher with 29 years professional experience in agricultural research & extension, programme development, monitoring and evaluation and management of national and donor supported projects. As the current Senior Director of Programme Development and Quality Assurance at the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), she provides technical leadership for all NaCSA’s programme planning, monitoring & evaluation, visibility and knowledge management. She coordinates the identification of project performance indicators, develops quality assurance strategies; coordinates development of effective communication framework for information sharing and knowledge management; and ensures all programmes and projects comply with the institutional and legal requirements.


She has worked extensively across Sierra Leone in support of interventions for improved technologies for farmers and social safety net interventions for improved livelihood of the extremely poor and vulnerable population of the country. Susan has worked over the years in the implementation of projects and programmes with donor partners such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development, World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, German Development Bank and other partners including the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, West and Central Africa Maize Network, Global Soil Partnership for Africa, and the West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development. 


Susan is highly knowledgeable in the development of strategic plans, data management and conduct of impact evaluations, and establishing contacts with technical partners and appropriate government agencies.


Susan has a PhD in Social Science from the University of Reading in United Kingdom and Masters’ Degrees in Development Studies and Crop Science from Njala University, Sierra Leone. She has also participated in several career building trainings and workshops in Africa, United Kingdom and United States.

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