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Amb. Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina Meets with the Head of the IOM Development Fund and the Head of the Sierra Leone Office...

*NaCSA House, Tuesday 23rd January

2023 *

The Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) – Amb. Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina has received Alessia Castelfranco - the Head of the International Organisation on Migration (IOM) development fund, Headquarters, Geneva – and Christos Christodoulides, the Head of IOM office, Sierra Leone.

During his courtesy call to the International Organization for Migration in Geneva. Commissioner Ndomahina met with Deputy Director General, Madam Irena Vojackova-Sollorano, ‘’where they briefly discussed critical issues around displacement, the effects of climate change, and support to NaCSA, including the Bio’s Big Five Agenda Manifesto commitments of His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio. He extended his sincere appreciation for the recent three hundred thousand dollars ($ 300,000) IOM Development Funding Support for the implementation of the ‘’Combatting Irregular Migration through Youth Empowerment and Community Engagement Project in Sierra Leone’’, which, he said, aligns with the Medium-Term National Development Framework (MT-NDF 2019-2023) for 24 months

Following the subsequent engagements at the technical and managerial levels, and considering the urgent need to ensure that the *‘’Combatting Irregular Migration through Youth Empowerment and Community Engagement Project in Sierra Leone’’* project is implemented efficiently, Alessia Castelfranco had a fruitful engagement with NaCSA. *‘’…we are pleased with the progress made so far and want to assure you of our continued commitment to ensuring that this project is a success.’’* She noted.

Commissioner Ndomahina reiterated the government's commitment to addressing the welfare of vulnerable Sierra Leoneans including returnees, persons with disabilities and women. *‘’… within the Big Five Game Changers framework, the government of His Excellency Dr Julius Maada Bio has strategically outlined aspirations for the advancement of all Sierra Leoneans with young people at the pinnacle.’’* Amb. Ndomahina noted.

The project is funded by IOM’s Internal Development Fund (IDF), covering 24 months starting from December 2023. The main aim of the project is to combat irregular migration through youth empowerment and community engagement whilst contributing to reducing the push factors towards rural-to-urban, and irregular migration of youth in Sierra Leone

NaCSA plays a critical role in supporting inclusive and gender-sensitive job creation and livelihood opportunities for youth in Sierra Leone. It is expected that at the end of the project implementation period, the project will; The project has one broad Outcome with two Outputs:

*provides for market needs assessment in target areas and dissemination of the results of the assessment*

*provides for engagement of selected communities for specialized training courses for skills development tailored for community-based needs.*

*This report is put together with support from Brima Bendu, Senior Project Assistant at IOM*

*For further information on this and other matters, * *Please contact:*

*The Information, Education and Communication Unit*


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