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As NaCSA Intensifies Its Rebranding Strategy, Mayors and Chairpersons of the South and East City and District Councils Applaud Amb. Ndomahina...

*Kenema City Council Hall, Wednesday 24th January 2024 –*

The Chairpersons and Mayors of various city and district councils have applauded the Commissioner of NaCSA, Ambassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina for his demonstrated love, respect and honour for Mayors and Chairpersons and his continued contribution in national development. This follows after the Commissioner presented the traditional symbol of honour and respect to all heads of councils. *‘’I am aware of the long-cherished relationships between the Commission and the local councils. As a Commission, we do not work in isolation, to successfully implement our programmes, the councils are critical throughout the project implementation stages. This token and symbol of honour is to officially inform you that we are ready to nourish our partnerships.’’* Amb. Ndomahina Noted.


It could be recalled that the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) has a regional workshop on ‘’Building the Capacity of Local Councils and Identifying Their Roles and Responsibilities in Implementing Social Protection Programmes.’’ Having engaged Mayors, Chairpersons, Chief Administrators and other management staff of city and district councils in the North and Northwest, NaCSA has commenced the capacity-building workshop of councils in the Southern and Eastern provinces.


In his welcome address, His Worship the Mayor of Kenema City Council – Thomas Karimu Biao welcomed the Commissioner of NaCSA, the Honourable Minister of Local Government and Community Affairs, Mayors, chairpersons and chief administrators of various city councils. ‘’Kenema remains very peaceful and be rest assured that your safety is guaranteed. As a council, we have received enormous support from NaCSA including the cash transfer interventions but we yearn for more. I am certain that devoid of existing challenges, we will surely deliver on our mandates as councils and as a government.’’ He noted.


In what she described as unprecedented, the Chairperson of Bonthe District Council, Isiatu Conteh noted that the honour and respect bestowed on her is inspiring and she remains humble for such a gesture. *‘’In my initial statement, I highlighted the various projects NaCSA is implementing in Bonthe, surely, we will work together to meet the challenges.  While I assure you of our commitment to work to continue working with you, I will passionately present this token to the people of Bonthe.’’* She ended. In a similar tone, the chairpersons of various councils including Benedict Joseph Gbogbah of Moyamba District, Mohamed Amadu Sesay of Kenema District, Sahr A.K. Lamin of Kailahun District and other chairpersons and mayors expressed their deep appreciation to the Commissioner for such an inclusive approach to national development.


The workshop's official launch hosted relevant personalities including the Honourable Minister of Local Government and Community Affairs and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on NaCSA. In his brief statement, the Honourable Minister called on the community to own development initiatives. This, he said, is to ensure project sustainability. The Chairman of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on NaCSA - Hon. Biloh Sow, cautioned the Commission’s management to ensure that processes and procedures of implementation are followed to the end. He assured the NaCSA team of their support as implementation unfolds.


Following his eloquent presentation on the Big Five Game Changers pioneered by His Excellency Dr Julius Maada Bio, Amb. Ndomahina noted that *‘’we all have the sacred responsibility to ensure the success of these aspirations, not just for us but for our people and the future of our children. In this journey to alleviate poverty, we are only assured of realising our fullest potential if we work together as a team.’’*


*‘’Consistent with the Commission’s rebranding agenda, the Commission is all the more committed to extending building the capacity of members of the councils to high-profile personalities present here such as mayors, deputy mayors, and chairpersons of district and town councils to gainfully participate in the implementation of SP programmes including the PSSNYE. In that regard, kindly permit me to declare this all-important workshop on capacity building for our very important stakeholders, open. Let me hasten to say that we (NaCSA) intend to use this session to promote understating, among others, of roles and responsibilities in implementing the PSSNYE. Kindly allow me to humbly say that I, in particular, cherish this moment so much; I appreciate it as an opportunity to meet such high-profile personalities in this part of our beloved country, since my taking-up of office. I look forward to fruitful engagement during the session.’’* Amb. Ndomahina Ended.


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