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As NaCSA Prepares for Its 20th Anniversary Celebration,The Commissioner Decorates Long Serving Staff

The National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) has provided socio-economic and people-centric development across all districts in Sierra Leone for over twenty years. Within this period, irrespective of its dynamic structure, the Commission has built strong relations with local communities and donor partners. There is a plethora of evidence of NaCSA’s interventions across the development spectrum from “hardware” interventions such as constructing and reconstructing community infrastructures and road maintenance to “software” interventions such as social protection and unconditional cash transfer, capacity building, human capital development; and the provision of diverse socio-economic supports to persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

The Commission is currently at the highest preparation stage to celebrate these achievements whilst reflecting on the impact, challenges and lessons learned. As pre-activities for the twentieth-anniversary celebration, Commission Max-Kyne has decorated sixteen (16) long-serving staff. ‘’… the essence of the gratitude is to appreciate these staff for their priceless and golden contribution to the Commission’’

Phebean Betts is one of the recipients of this year’s award. Phebean has worked as Admin Assistant for twenty-two years. She believes such recognition goes beyond staff motivation, and retention, it brings out the best in us. I have learned that an admin staff should be accurate and time conscious; we are the institutional backbone.’’ she ended.

Mohamed Turay is currently an office Assistant who was recruited in 2000 as Special Security but due to his commitment, he was promoted to his current post. “I have to be grateful to the Commission, I came with nothing, but today, I am proud of who I *am, I have met with several personalities and have visited different offices. My wish for the Commission is an increase in resources and continuation of its interventions.”

In his vote of thanks and on behalf of sixteen recipients of this year’s award, Joseph Farama Bangura expressed their appreciation to the management and colleague staff for providing the enabling working environment. He noted that the sum that accompanies the award came at the right time.

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