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In Tonkolili District, Amb Ndomahina Honours Chairpersons of District Councils and Mayor of City Councils; Calls for inclusive action to deliver on national development plans...

17th January 2024* –

It can be recalled that the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) is currently building the capacity of the local council and identifying their roles and responsibilities in implementing social protection programmes.  The local councils remain critical in delivering the implementation of social protection interventions, thus, the need for them to have a comprehensive understanding of the processes and procedures in delivering social protection programmes cannot be overemphasized.


Having officially launched the capacity building workshop and considering his orientation in traditional etiquette and international relations protocols, the Commissioner of NaCSA, Chief Ambassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina has honoured the Chairperson of Tonkolili District Council – Madam Yabom T. Sesay, Chairman of Bombali District Council – Dr. Mohamed M.B Sesay, Chairman of Koinadugu District Council – Lawrence Teteh Kargbo, Chairman of Falaba District Council – Ibrahim Sorie Sesay and His Worship the Mayor of Makeni City Council – Abu Bakarr Kamara (Lamtils).  This symbol of honour is to appreciate the chairpersons and the mayor for their respective roles in enhancing the work of the Commission and for their contributions to national development. *“… let us work together to deliver on the national development plans that have been coined by His Excellency the President, Dr Julius Maada Bio as the ‘Big Five Game Changers’’’* Amb Ndomahina noted.


In response to this well-appreciated act of honour, the *‘’Iron lady’’* and the chairperson of the Tonkolili District Council – Madam Yabom T Sesay describes it as ‘’unprecedented’’ *‘’… at this point, I must register my appreciation to you Commissioner for this singular act and I must say, it was unprecedented. I have received so many politicians and high-profile personalities but this sign of respect accorded to us as chairpersons and mayor of city and district councils remains undefeated. We have seen your commitment to deliver and as always be assured of our unrivalled contributions to NaCSA interventions and other development initiatives’’* she ended.


Other chairpersons expressed similar gratitude noting that the Ambassador has demonstrated he is from a traditional home and that he is to ready create the platform for an inclusive development. *‘’… this is a demonstration that we should not hesitate to visit you in your office. I will now confidently refer to you as ‘Ndomahina – the rebrander’ because we have seen, not just by mere expressions but by actions.’’* Dr Mohamed M.B Sesay, Chairman of Bombali district council noted. All local council representatives including Chief and Deputy Chief Administrators were mesmerised by the total display of humility, respect and honour by the Commissioner *‘’… if this country has more people with this personality, the sky will be our limited’’* they lamented.


In his statement of assurance, Chief Ambassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina noted that the Government of His Excellency Ret. Brig. Julius Maada Bio has provided reasonable resources to ensure a *‘’robust social protection”* system as one of the potential routes leading to the success of the big-five game changers. The Big Five Game Changers, he stated, constitute the national development plans that aim to accelerate economic growth and build resilience. They include Feed Salone, Human Capital Development, Youth Employment, Revamping the Public Service Architecture, and Tech and Infrastructure.  He further informed the gathering that during the implementation of the SSN, the Commission, through the support of development partners, developed systems, processes and procedures for the implementation of Social Protection programmes.


*‘’let me take this opportunity to inform you about the rebranding agenda of the National Commission for Social Action, rigorously pursued by my administration since I took up office as Commissioner, in 2023. Critical to the foregoing, is the need to enhance systems promoting levels of preparedness of stakeholders, through existing structures, for efficient delivery of Social Protection programs. In implementing the PSSNYE project, the need for stakeholder engagement and collaboration will exist on an unprecedented basis.’’* Amb Ndomahina noted.


Before declaring the session officially open, Amb Ndomahina reiterated that *‘’…the Government of His Excellency, Ret. Brig. Julius Maada Bio has demonstrated a firm commitment to policies moving our people out of poverty.  In his New Year’s Message to the Country, he noted that “…recognizing the gravity of the current economic situation, our government has taken decisive actions to mitigate its effects”. As you are aware, NaCSA implemented the Social Safety Net (SSN) unconditional cash transfer, dubbed the ‘ep fet poo’ project, that had been very effective in cushioning the effect of poverty and shocks affecting our extremely poor. The SSN covered about 600,000 extremely poor across all 16 districts.’’* He said.


He further revealed that based on the successes of the SSN, the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) was able to secure funding for a successor project that promotes productivity through short-term employment and enhances the participation of the poor and vulnerable in economic development. According to him, the PSSNYE is a US$42m Investment Project Financing (IPF) by the World Bank that consists of activities continuing from the SSN Project (SSN cash transfers) as well as new activities (Provision of Economic Inclusion Support and additional new activities which include the entrepreneurship support package). It also includes activities that are implemented in new settings such as public works in urban areas and revamping experience in cash-for-works programmes in the rural areas. 


*‘’On behalf of the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Ret. Brig. Julius Maada Bio, I declare this workshop open’’* He ended.


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