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NaCSA House, Freetown,

Monday 4th March 2024 -

The Minister of State West, Ambassador Adekunle King pays a courtesy call to the Commissioner of NaCSA Ambassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina. The essence of this visit is to celebrate the long standing relationship between the two diplomats and the institutions they represent.

It could be recalled that the Commissioner of NaCSA has aligned the strategic vision of NaCSA with the national development priorities as indicated by His Excellency Dr Julius Maada Bio, the President of Sierra Leone. One of the tactics deployed by the Commissioner is collaboration and institutional networking; which he believes will be helpful in delivering institutional mandate through clearing bottlenecks.

Over the years, NaCSA has implemented different projects in the Western Area (Urban and Rural) including the Cash transfer to vulnerable persons, construction and reconstruction of community facilities like market, schools etc and connecting feeder roads to link farmers. This shows that the work of the Commission will be effectively sustained when the Ministry is involved from conception to full implementation.

During this meeting, the two development experts discussed ways of deepening collaboration in ensuring NaCSA’s activities in the Western Area are not only align with the government’s Big Five Game Changers but sustainable. The two diplomats further discussed possibilities of using their past diplomatic relations and experiences for the betterment of our people .

It is believed that the existing pro-poor projects implemented by NaCSA on behalf of the government has contributed immensely to alleviating poverty and one of the outcomes of today's meeting is new strategic roadmap to positively change the development narrative in the Western Area and by extension Sierra Leone.

*For further information on this and other matters,* *please contact the Information, Education and Communications (IEC) Unit:*


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