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NaCSA and SLeSHI Commence Mass Registration of Indigents in District Headquarters Towns...

NaCSA Bonthe District Office, 12th March 2024

The National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) and the Sierra Leone Social Health Insurance Scheme have commenced the identification, verification, and registration of extremely poor (indigent) individuals in the fifteen (15) districts of *Moyamba, Bonthe, Bo, Kenema, Kailahun, Pujehun,  kenema, Bombali, Karene, Falaba, Koinadudu, Tonkolili, Kono, West Area  Rural, Kambia for the SLeSHI Scheme.*  

It could be recalled that in ensuring equity in access to health care services and facilities in the country, the Government of Sierra Leone enacted the Sierra Leone Social Health Insurance (SLeSHI) bill, which encourages prepayment for medical treatments and fairly allocates financial resources. The Scheme will also improve effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, and quality of care in the delivery of healthcare services across the country. 

The exercise is to identify, verify and register potential beneficiaries qualified as indigent populations of the country who could have benefited from the extremely poor targeting and enrolment of beneficiaries covered by NaCSA.

According to the key messages published by NaCSA and SLeSHI, the exercise will apply the following two-stage methods; the first stage will include the identification, verification and registration of those covered by NaCSA under the COVID-19 SSN in Port Loko, Bombali, Bo, Kenema and WAR and the registration in district headquarters towns of Kono, Bonthe, Moyamba, Tonkolili, Karene, Kailahun, Koinadugu, Falaba, Kambia, and Pujehun will identify and register persons 18 years and above in beneficiary households of the COVID-19 SSN and/or the third phase of the Emergency Cash Transfer (ECT III).

Another phase of the exercise will deal with individuals who were neither part of COVID-19 SSN nor ECT III. The primary or alternate will disclose members of their household, 18 years of age and above. Targeting and registration of the household members will be done either at the verification centre or the household level and vulnerable members of communities (Persons with disability, women and other extremely poor individuals) could be targeted and registered on the spot


The Commission has trained data enumerators will be deployed to the 15 districts headquarters town of Bombali, Port Loko, Bo, Kenema, the Western Area Rural, Tonkolili, Moyamba, Karene, Falaba, Koinadugu, Kambia, Kono, Port Loko, Tonkolili, Moyamba and Karene.

The minimum eligibility criteria according to NaCSA include Individuals classified as indigents, selected from households of vulnerable beneficiaries who were covered by the COVID-19 SSN and the third phase of the ECT III projects Implemented by NaCSA and Sierra Leoneans, 18 years and above, including persons with disability.  The two institutions have noted that there will be no immediate benefits associated with this mass registration. The exercise intends to collect data on indigents who will be considered by the Government of Sierra Leone as indigent to be covered by the Sierra Leone Social Health Insurance.                                                                                                           

*For further information on this and other matters, * *Please contact:*

*The Information, Education and Communication Unit*


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