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As part of his mandate to collaborate with local stake holders to bring economic development and social benefit to the ordinary people, the NaCSA Commisisoner, Ambassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina organized a meeting between the Chinese Ambassador Wang Qing and Mayors of Bo, Bonthe, Kono, and the Bonthe District Chairperson.

Commisisoner Ndomahina thanked the Ambassador of China to Sierra Leone Wang Qing for China’s support to the people of Sierra Leone. Commisisoner highlighted that the main reason for the visit by the Mayors and chairperson of the is to accord their thanks and appreciation to China for the support to President Bio, and inviting him for a working visit to their various Cities and Districts.

In his response , the Wang Qing reechoed President Bio’s visit to China which was successful, eight agreements were signed in the areas of agriculture, education, technology, international cooperation.

The Ambassador stressed that they are ready to deepen cooperation with the local government inorder to enhance exchanges at local levels . The Ambassador said he is looking forward to visit some Districts and Cities. He emphasized that he is willing to engage with the Mayor of KONO to give an uplift in the District to engage in more environmental friendly and meaningful economic activities.The ambassador praised the Sierra Leone China investment forum and intimated that many investors have interest in Sierra Leone .

The Mayor of Kono His worship Komba Sam thanked the Ambassador for receiving them, he called on the ambassador to visit the beautiful Diamond City , and expressed his happiness in the recent agreement between the China University of Geosciences and the KONO University of Science and Technology, he is looking forward to more deepening cooperation that will ensure reclaiming of the land that was previously used for mining.

The Mayor from Bonthe Municipality in his statement His Worship Mohamed Robinson also thanked commissioner Ndomahina for creating the platform for them to interact with the Chinese diplomat , He said Bonthe Island is one of the largest island in West Africa, called on the Ambassador to visit the impoverished island and help in the fishing and agricultural sectors of the Island.

The Bonthe District Chairperson Madam Assiatu Conteh thanked the Chinese Ambassador for accepting the visit , _“Bonthe District used to be the bread basket of Sierra Leone , we have thousands of boli lands that can feed this nation and help President Bio succeed in the Feed Salone Project”_ If we have adequate agricultural and storage facilities, we can feed this nation and even export rice and vegetables. On that note she invited the Chinese Ambassador to visit Bonthe and have first hand experience.

The Mayor of the second largest City, Bo His worship Kobba Musa also thanked the Chinese Ambassador for accepting their invitation, and thanked President Bio for the exemplary leadership shown in strengthkmg the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to China for being a true friend of Sierra Leone highlighting previous assistance rendered to us during hard times, like Mudslide, Ebola outbreak, and the CoViD Pandemic. “A friend in need is a friend indeed” Mayor Kobba remarked. He also invited the Ambassador to visit Sweet Bo.

Mayor Kobba climaxed the visit with a presentation of the Traditional Country Clothes to Ambassador, this is a symbol of authority and true friendship between China and Sierra Leone .

*For further information on this and other matters,* *please contact the Information, Education and Communications (IEC) Unit:*


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