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NaCSA Provides Christmas Hamper to Petty Traders, Persons with Disability & other Vulnerable Groups.

24th December, 2022, NaCSA House 14-16 Charlotte Street, Freetown.

The National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) has commenced payment of 35,000 Covid-19 Ep Fet Po/Social Safety Nets beneficiary households and 9,900 beneficiaries under the Covid-19 Emergency Cash Transfer residual caseload.

The Government of Sierra Leone through the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) is currently implementing two unconditional cash transfer programs: the Covid-19 Ep Fet Po/Social Safety Nets (Covid-19 Ep Fet Po/SSN) and the Covid-19 Emergency Cash Transfer (ECT). The former provides income support to extremely poor households and other vulnerable people including Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) whilst the ECT protects the wellbeing of vulnerable informal sector workers including those working in micro and small enterprises and low paid workers in the service sector.

Each beneficiary households of the Covid-19 Ep Fet Po/SSN and individual ECT beneficiaries will receive One Million Three Hundred and Nine Thousand Leones (1,309,000). All beneficiaries will be paid in cash by Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB) with oversight by Community Monitors of the ACC and NaCSA district staff.

Alusine Fofanah is among those beneficiaries who have received their benefits. He extended his special thanks to the Government of Sierra Leone, the World Bank, UNICEF and the European Union for working with the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities, the Sierra Leone Union on Disability Issues (SLUDI) and all institutions involved in processes and delivered payment ‘’… I want to confirm that myself and many of my kinds have received the sum One Million Three Hundred and Nine Thousand Leones (1,309,000). It came at a time when we needed the purchasing power to buy food and dresses. We have been told to invest in health care, education and general wellbeing of our respective family.’’ He ended.

In a Press Release dated 22nd December, 2022, the Commission distinctively informed beneficiary households and the public that during payment of the first cohort, certain beneficiary households were left out due to data errors. During this payment exercise, these affected beneficiary households will equally be paid. This indicates that 44,900 Sierra Leoneans have received the sum of One Million, three hundred and nine leones only.

To ensure processes and procedures are consistently followed, the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Members of the Commission’s Senior Management Team are providing oversight monitoring and supervision.

For more information on this and other matters,

Please Contact NaCSA IEC unit


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