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NaCSA To Lead the Fight Against Irregular Migration...


*Kambia District Council Hall, Thurxsday, 27th June 2024*

– In line with the third aspiration of the Big Five Game Changers of His Excellency Dr. Julius Maada Bio, the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). As previously stated, the essence of the MOU is to implement a two-year pilot project to combat irregular Migration in the Western Area rural district and Kambia District respectively.


Following the launching and stakeholders’ workshop in the Western Area Rural district, NaCSA has on Thursday 27th June 2024 engaged stakeholders in the Kambia district.


Speaking during the engagement, Chief Pa Adikalli Kargbo of Magbema Chiefdom encouraged the youth to take the youth development opportunities presented by the President Bio-led government very seriously. *‘’We know the growth of young people in our communities, these concerns are not unique to the Kambia district. Every young person in Sierra Leone is facing similar challenges. This is the reason why His Excellency Dr Julius Maada Bio has deliberately listed youth employment as one of the ‘’changers’ in the Big Five game changers.’* He noted.


Dr Susan Robert is the Senior Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, Knowledge, Management, Reporting and Visibility for NaCSA. In her statements, while launching the project, she noted that the project is part of the vision of His Excellency Dr Julius Maada Bio for youth advancement. *‘’A good number of Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters have perished in the high seas because of irregular Migration. women are being used as sex slaves and in the end being beaten, harassed and killed in other countries. The government of Dr, Rtd. Brg. Julius Maada Bio, in collaboration with development partners like the IOM, has taken concrete steps to combat irregular migration.’’* She reemphasized. She further affirmed that President Bio is looking forward to NaCSA creating over 10,000 jobs for youths under the GPCYE and PSSNYE Projects. She encourages youth to use their skills to develop themselves because some businesses and skills are better paid.


Brima Bendu, the project focal person from IOM expressed the continued commitment of IOM to ensuring that the objective of this pilot phase of the project is achieved. ‘’IOM cuts across reintegration, Climate Change, Migration, Disaster Risk Management and many more humanitarian activities. Over 5,000 people have returned to Sierra Leone and about 8,000 to 10,000 are living in ‘’temple run’’ across the country.


District Youth Officer, Kambia district, Yusifu Mansaray reassured the team that the youth of Kambia district are ready to support development. He noted that young people are the major beneficiaries of the project and will support it to the end. *‘’I must thank President Bio for keeping to his promises and for his unrivalled support of youth development.*


*For further information on this and other matters, don't hesitate to get in touch with The Information, Education and Communication Unit: at +23277022709/+23278319419/+23230518539*

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