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NaCSA Trains Staff on Ethics and Key Policy Framework...

*Bintish Hotel, Bo, 7th June 2024* -

As part of the NdomahinalisatiRebranding process, the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) has commenced the roll out of staff training on ethics and key policies.

At the internal operational level, NaCSA has finalised several key policies to enhance service delivery and align project implementation objectives with the national development plan.

In line with the current senior management team’s drive to rebrand NaCSA and with its leadership’s new vision, the Commission has set itself several targets for organisational and technical change initiatives that are geared toward alleviating extreme poverty.

Speaking on behalf of the Commissioner, the Programme Manager for the Community Demand Driven Project (CDDP) PM Patrick Lebbie called on the staff to give maximum attention to the training. *‘’we have seen tremendous progress in restructuring project implementation processes and procedures to ensure that the needed results and impact are achieved. I must reiterate that the vision of Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina’s administration is to strengthen internal systems for effective and efficient service delivery.’’* He noted.

Momoh Juanah is the Programme Manager for the Sierra Leone Community Driven Development Phase II Project (SLCDD II) . In his statement, Momoh Juanah noted that staff development is critical to institutional growth, motivation, and sustaining service delivery. He thanked management for the initiative to capacitate staff because, according to him, it is a sacred element in achieving the rebranding aspirations. We are certain that at the end of this training, we will be able to Improve knowledge and skills which support sound ethical and risk management decision-making and contribute to an ethical and compliance-awareness organisational culture to improve the organisation's reputation and professionalism.

 Hopefully, the training will not only strengthen the Commission’s current governance, risk and compliance culture; it will further broaden staff understanding of the new ndomahinalisation development archetype. In his words of assurance to staff, the Programme Manager for the Administration and Human Resources, Israel Jacobs stated that staff welfare is at the heart of the Commission’s vision.

The Compliance Consultant for NaCSA, Munya Hove assured the staff that, enthusiastically, staff will adopt and sign the Code of Conduct and Compliance Handbook, NaCSA will commence discussion for the establishment of a Compliance Unit in line with the Compliance Policy and adopt and institutionalise key policies.

From the Eastern district of Kenema, the team is currently in Bo with Dr Victor Maasaquoi and Thomas Momoh Bockarie from Impact Matters Consulting firm as training consultants and lead facilitators.

*For further information on this and other matters, Please contact: The Information, Education and Communication Unit: +23277022709/+23278319419/+23230518539*

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