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President Bio meets with NaCSA’s Board of Directors...

President Julius Maada Bio has on, Wednesday, 30th August, 2023, met with the Board of Directors of the National Commission for Social Action, NaCSA.

The meeting took place at State House where NaCSA’s Board of Directors announced the Commission’s intention to align its activities with the ‘Big Five’ agenda.

The government’s ‘Big Five’ agenda included Feed Salone, Human Capital Development for nurturing skills for 21st-century industry, Youth Employment Scheme, Revamping the Public Service Architecture through delivery, efficiency and professionalism, and Technology and Infrastructure programmes to serve as pathways for sustained economic growth.

NaCSA’s Commissioner, Ambassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina said their purpose of meeting the President Julius Maada Bio was to assure him of his Commission’s intention to align its activities with the government’s ‘Big Five’ agenda.

“NaCSA’s mandate is to work with communities, identify their challenges, and solve those challenges, and subsequently take the people out of poverty. We will collaborate with partners to construct schools so as to nurture skills for the 21st century,” he said.

He informed President Bio that NaCSA’s Productive Social Safety Nets & Youth Employment (PSSNYE) was being supported by the World Bank.

Chairman, NaCSA’s Board of Directors, Paramount Chief Foday Musa Nyandebo-Gbogboto II, expressed his delight for President Bio’s success in the June 24, 2023 general elections, adding, “we are happy that you are continuing as the President of Sierra Leone because of the successes you recorded in the last five years and the vision you have for the country.”

“Thank you for appointing Ambassador Ndomahina as the new Commissioner of NaCSA. In the last few weeks, he has engaged the Board of Directors on how we could step up to deliver the Commission’s required mandate. His good human relationship has started to yield dividend as evidenced in the ongoing rebranding of the Commission,” he said, while pledging his support to align the Commission’s activities to the ‘Big Five’ agenda.

In response, President Bio said he was aware of NaCSA’s importance especially in the area of responding to the immediate needs of the people, noting that he was happy to know that the Board of Directors has been giving strategic direction to NaCSA’s management in order to deliver the Commission’s required mandates.

“Our communities are in need of basic things like water, good sanitation, and many other things. We have meticulously chosen the ‘Big Five’ agenda because we need to improve lives. We have to develop our communities by enhancing the people’s living condition,” he stated.

He told the NaCSA Board of Directors that the world is going through many challenges, urging them to be mentally prepared to overcome those challenges by doing their best in properly aligning their activities with the ‘Big Five’ agenda.

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