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*Press Release*

*28th April, 2023*

*Registration of Populations Residing around Hydro-electric Dams (Bumbuna and Dodo Dams)*

Consistent with the objectives of the Global Risk Financing Facility (GRiF) and previous registration exercises, NaCSA in collaboration with stakeholders wishes to inform the public that it has commenced additional registration around communities close to artificial dams and mining areas prone to disaster. Among the dams identified by both NaCSA and National Disaster Management Agency (NMDA) were Bumbuna Hydro-electricity dam and Dodo mini hydro dams.

The objective of the exercise is to collect household data on populations residing around Bumbuna and Dodo hydroelectric dams to be incorporated into the existing Disaster-Prone Areas registration data for expansion of the Social Protection Registry for Integrated National Targeting (SPRINT).

The exercise will cover at-risk communities presented by Bumbuna Water Shield Management Agency (BWMA). It will include 62 communities located in the Tonkolili and Bombali Districts along the Rokel river, and 9 communities around the Dodo mini hydroelectric dam located between Dodo and Simbaru chiefdoms in the Kenema District. Overall, an estimated population of 30,000 will be registered, 25,000 from Bumbuna communities and 5,000 from Dodo communities (2015 population census).

Kindly be cautioned that no one should offer or pay anything to anybody before, during and after registration. Any attempted extortion or corrupt practice must be reported to the ACC using the toll-free number 515, directly to ACC officials and NaCSA district staff. We thank you for your understanding and continued interest and confidence in the work of the Commission.

*For further information on this and other matters, please contact Umaru Samai, Project Officer- Information Education and Communication on +23277022709/+23276378993 or NaCSA Headquarter;14-16 Charlotte Street, Freetown and all District Headquarter towns.*


*Sao-Kpato Hannah Isatta Macarthy (PhD)*

*Commissioner -NaCSA*

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