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Sir Jimmy Batilo Songa Celebrates the Women of NaCSA and All Sierra Leonean Women, says the Ndomahinalisation of NaCSA is on High Speed...

NaCSA House, 14-16 Challotte Street, Freetown,

8th March 2024-

On behalf of the Commissioner of NaCSA Amb Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina, the Deputy Commissioner – Sir Jimmy Batilo Songa has extended a warm congratulatory message to the women of the Commission and all Sierra Leonean Women.

He said *‘’women are at the centre of the rebranding strategy of the Commission; they do not only form the highest percentage of beneficiaries but have served as lead actors in project implementation. The Women of NaCSA occupied strategic positions at the Commission ranging from Senior Director, Directors, Coordinators, Financial Management Specialist, Administrative officers and support staff. This is a manifestation of the expressed gender equality and women’s empowerment vision of His Excellency Dr Julius Maada Bio, the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone’’*

*"Inspire Inclusion"* is the campaign theme for International Women's Day in 2024. It is said that we create a better society when we encourage others to recognize and cherish women's inclusion. Over time, the current President of Sierra Leone has served as an inspiration to the Commissioner and the deputy, who have encouraged young men to appreciate women more. This inspiration translates into specific, well-thought-out activities rather than just written notes.


*‘’International Women’s Day is celebrated to showcase the emancipation of Ladies in the world. NaCSA Women are not just leading advocates for less privileged Women but proponents of Socioeconomic developments to enhance the livelihoods of their Compatriots in Rural Communities. Happy International Women’s Day to all Beautiful, Elegant and Dedicated Women of NaCSA. Thanks for being there for the Commissioner and his Right Hand Man. Let me end by expressing our love and appreciation to you all for your hard work and determination to see the success of His Excellency, President Julius Maada Woni Bio. Enjoy this day with your families!!‘’* Sir Jimmy Noted.


The women of NaCSA have equally received this goodwill message and hope to do more to support the Commissioner and his deputy in actualizing the aspirations of the rebranding strategy. Regina Saffa, the Director of Programmes noted that the message is a landmark gesture and unprecedented. *‘’…this is the first time that women of NaCSA have received a message of appreciation from the head and deputy head of the entity. It is not just because we are women but because of our unrivalled and undivided commitment to enhancing the welfare of women and children. This message has rekindled our hope and we are now confident that the work we do as women has been recognized.’’* She noted.


It was mesmerizing seeing women expressing their emotions and welcoming the goodwill message. *‘’This is the time for women, I am inspired and energized to do it better. If we have more of this class of men, men who expressively appreciate women for their contributions to national development, this country will be a better place. Thank you, Commissioner Ndomahina and Deputy Commissioner Songa.’’* Admin Assistant Finda Alice Koroma noted.


The Ndomahinalisation of NaCSA is a Process,that brings to the table a smart rebranding strategy; a strategy that has been aligned with the national development priorities – the Big Five Game Changers…


*‘’We Care’’*


*For further information on this and other matters, * *Please contact:*

*The Information, Education and Communication Unit*


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