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Sir Jimmy Batilo Songa Opens the World Bank Implementation Support and Dissemination Mission on the PSSNYE Project...

*Freetown City Council, 26th March 2024*

–The Deputy Commissioner of NaCSA, Sir Jimmy Batilo Songa has officially launched the March 2024 World Bank Implementation Support and Dissemination Mission on the Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment (PSSNYE) Project.

*‘’This mission is a follow-up on October 2023 which focuses on; taking stock of the implementation progress of the PSSNYE and preparing for the effectiveness of the activities supported by the PSSNYE Additional Financing; preparing the draft Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR) for the recently closed SSN project; complete the design and field plan of the PSSNYE Impact Evaluation; and review and make progress on the draft retrospective assessment of the Social Protection sector in Sierra Leone’’* noted by the World Bank Senior Social Protection Specialist – Dr Abu Kargbo who also double as the Technical Team Lead for the PSSNYE Project.

The mission has brought together government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) germane to implementing the PSSNYE project. Over the years, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has provided strategic support including managing the Grievance Redress Mechanisms and establishing systems for the prevention and prosecution of corruption. In his statement, the Deputy Commissioner of ACC, Augustine Foday Ngobie reiterated the Commission’s commitment to providing the needed expertise for the implementation of the PSSNYE project.

Before officially declaring the mission open, the Deputy Commissioner of NaCSA stated that Sierra Leone has expressed commitment to achieving the big five game changers. *‘’We are no longer waiting for a change; we have decided to be the change makers. Before I close, let me reassure the World Bank and all implementing partners, that the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) has since 2023 re-energised its operational epitome to reflect the national development agenda. The rebranding strategy of the Commission has gingered the staff and delivery structure to the extent that we are now implementing projects with speed and accuracy and our success stories have been captured by national and international media outlets. Beyond this, the expression of the beneficiaries, the content of their songs and the display of our culture indicate that NaCSA is doing an excellent Job. I can still recall how mesmerised I was when the people of Bombali district culturally expressed their gratitude for the cash transfers and the construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of their community facilities. This remains the same for all other places including my village. ‘’* He noted.

Jimmy assured the World Bank and other funding agencies that NaCSA will not stop until the objectives of the PSSNYE project are achieved. *‘’We are in a hurry, where possible, to attract more funding for the betterment of our people, especially the vulnerable populations including women, children, persons with disability and the aged.’’* He ended.

*For further information on this and other matters, * *Please contact:* *The Information, Education and Communication Unit*


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