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To Ensure Targeting and Enrolment Accuracy, NaCSA and its Partners End Training of Enumerators for the Youth in Garbage Collection...

Friday 9th February 2024, Freetown City Council –

The National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) and its partners including the Anti-Corruption Commission, Statistics Sierra Leone and Freetown City Council have ended a two-day training of enumerators for the Youth in Garbage Collection. The essence of the training is to ensure that the enumerators are up to date with the Youth in Garbage Collection targeting and enrolment processes and procedures.


Speaking on behalf of the Senior Director and National Coordinator for the National Social Protection Secretariat (NSPS), the Environmental Specialist for NaCSA, Lyndon Baines – Johnson called on the participants to ensure that every aspect of the training receives the appropriate attention.


‘’NaCSA and its implementing partners have commenced implementing the Productive Social Safety Nets and Youth Employment (PSSNYE) project. Component two of the PSSNYE project contains Sustainable Cash for Work (SCfW) in Rural Areas and Green Public Works (GPW) in Urban Areas. The former targets inactive and underemployed rural youth, particularly female youth, to provide or supplement their livelihoods with environmentally sustainable CfW opportunities. The latter is to provide youth with immediate employment opportunities to improve the environmental and sanitary aspects of urban areas in Sierra Leone. This sub-component will target inactive and unskilled youth, women and persons with disabilities from poor and vulnerable households for participation in the Labour Intensive Public Works (LIPW) activities. This sub-component will support labour-intensive public works to upgrade sanitation infrastructure and improve climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban areas.’’ He noted.


Isatu M. Blake is the Social Development Specialist for NaCSA, in her statement, she informed participants that 60% of the target beneficiaries of the youth in garbage collection intervention should be women. ‘’… we have to be conscious, especially in ensuring equity. As a project, we are very deliberate in targeting women and persons with disabilities.’’ She cautioned. She further reiterated that the participants should use their ‘’living no one behind’’ lens during the targeting exercise.


The training brought together representatives from NaCSA, Statistics Sierra Leone and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). The attendees were exposed to critical steps to follow during targeting, prominent among these steps are the Grievance redress mechanisms, administration of the ODK tool and many other ethical considerations associated with community entering protocols, media relations and environmental ethics.


The ACC Western Area District Monitor, Elizabeth Charles noted that the presence of the ACC in the PSSNYE project implementation is a testament that with ACC, transparency and accountability are assured throughout the implementation period. Beyond corruption prevention, ‘’…the GRM of the PSSNYE continues with the system building initiative of the Social Safety Nets and is part of the building blocks for effective social protection delivery mechanisms. It provides a channel through which beneficiaries and other stakeholders can raise any grievances or grievances about the project.’’ She ended.

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