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Dr. Sao Kpato Hannah Isatta Max-Kyne
NaCSA Commissioner




Hello everyone.I am Dr. Sao Kpato Hannah Isatta Max-Kyne, the Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA). Let me use this opportunity to wish everyone a happy 2023, most especially His Excellency the President of Sierra Leone, the Vice President and all colleagues in government who have created the enabling environment for NaCSA to exist as a permanent entity and also for the support, the political supports and leadership this institution has benefited from His Excellency.

The National Commission for Social Action remains committed to empowering the most vulnerable populations, empowering the poorest of the poor, and through our programs last year we have invested a lot in trying to create sustainable livelihoods for the most vulnerable to the cash transfers. We have empowered communities by building social infrastructure, bring schools, health facilities, creating access to health and education, also giving support to people in agriculture, improving the value chain so that people in rural communities will get the maximum yield from their production. We have also been able to support the value chain in different parts of the country. Value chain in rice production, value chain in cocoa, coffee and also value chain in vegetable production. NaCSA will continue to create facilities for poor communities and as Commissioner of NaCSA, I have declared this year to be a  YEAR OF RAPID DELIVERY

We do appreciate our partners; the World Bank, IsDB, UNICEF, EU, KFW/ The German Government. We will continue to work with all donor partners and showcase the impact of our interventions. The People of Sierra Leone have demonstrated confidence in NaCSA because through government and donor support, NaCSA has taken development to vulnerable communities and we will continue to deliver these services without failed. To the team at NaCSA, I extend special thanks especially to the field staff. Without you, we wouldn’t have come thus far.

                We wish you all a prosperous and happy 2023

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